• Premium Performance Skis

  • Handmade in Åre – Sweden


Believe it or not, but all Extrem Skis are handmade in Åre by these guys. On each pair of skis we ship out from the factory, there is a sticker on the running base telling you who built them.

Factory manager, partner and co-founder with Stefan Cederberg back in 1981.

Long term employee, master of grinding, logistic manager and king of everything.

Freeski competitor with a work description cocktail of ski building, social media and photography.

Pedagogic kick-ass snowboarder who knows every corner of the factory. Åre demo center manager.

Mechanical engineer in sports technology and responsible for workflow and CAD/CNC. Deputy Factory manager.

Work horse with turbo engine who makes everyone else look like slow motion.

Ex high altitude cable car mechanic that mends skis as well as the presses.

Wide-awake and always positive guy that manages ski building as easy as ski grinding.

Our master of grinding that goes airborne on skis as often as he can. Bike maniac in summer.

Our Man and manager for quality control, warehouse, web orders and claims.

Hjalmar Factory dog that prefers ski touring instead of factory work.

Stefan Cederberg Office maestro, sales, partner, co-founder with Patrik Söderlund back in 1981.

Carl Geijer CEO, sales, partner and runs the office together with Stefan Cederberg.

Wall of fame. These kick-ass ski builders were building 2018/19 skis here before September 2019.

Japow-addicted ski builder who sometimes check out to protect our country.