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Opinion 98 Carbon²

8499 SEK

Test winner in the Freerando category in the French ski magazine Skilabo and Lebontest.fr with the following testimonial: “Positive: Everything – the shape, the flex, the weight, the precision and the versatility. Negative: Nothing.”

The allmountain-oriented model in the Opinion range built with an ultra-light carbon fibre construction, which makes the model unique on the market. This playful and freeride-oriented touring ski is optimized for soft snow, but despite its low weight it also handles all kind of snow conditions thanks to its stability and dampening.

The Carbon is the flagship construction in the Extrem Skis range with two full diecut layers of pre-preg carbon fiber and pre-preg glass fiber. In order to further decrease the weight, and increase performance, a very advanced hybrid core consisting of poplar, bamboo and Isocore foam is used together with the ultra-light aerospace material Tubecomb in tip and tail for lowest possible swing weight. In 186 cm length the weight is 1500 g per ski.

The Opinion 98 Carbon is more playful and quick from edge to edge, while Opinion 108 Carbon is the right choice if you are looking for more stable and freeride-oriented characteristics.

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179 cm / 186 cm


127 mm


98 mm


119 mm


17 / 19 m


1450 g / 1500 g


88/1 degrees

Boot center

True center -60 mm @ 186 cm

Length recommendation

Body length or longer

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About Extrem Skis

We develop and build premium performance skis in our own high-tech factory in Åre, Sweden, and have done so since 1981.


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