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Kohla – Alpinist 100 % Mohair

2499 kr 1750 kr

A new and innovative touring skin from Kohla Tirol with an ultra-thin waterproof membrane between the adhesion layer and the climbing layer. The result is less water absorbency on warmer ski touring days, which results in both better adhesion and lighter weight.

Besides the innovative waterproof membrane, the Alpinist skin also have the newly developed Smart Hot-Melt adhesion. This is less sticky than the normal Kohla Hot-Melt adhesion, but stickier than the Vacuum Base 2.0 technology. In other words the perfect combination reliability and user-friendliness.

This is a skin for the ski mountaineering expert who needs a reliable skin to put on and off several times during a ski day, but also appreciates the user-friendliness of the Smart Hot-Melt adhesion.

100 % Mohair. Very reliable ski tip fixation and adjustable tail fixation. Delivered with storage bag and cutting knife.

Width: 130 mm

Possible for purchase now, delivery on September 20th.

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