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Fusion 105 Reload

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Fusion 105 Reload share the same moulds as Fusion 105 but is designed for skiers who are looking for a freeride ski with more performance in demanding snow conditions.

By adding extra race rubber dampening, as well as two layers of 70 mm wide titanal stringers, the skis get a more powerful character. We call this construction Reload. The modern geometry, combined with the moderate titanal reinforcement, makes the Reload version easy to ski in relation to its performance. This is the perfect model for those who are looking for dampened freeride skis with great edge grip to ski fast in everything from hard slopes to soft powder. German freeride ski magazine Bergstolz described this character very well when comparing Fusion 105 Reload with skiing “like an Audi Quattro”.

In addition to the race rubber dampening and two layers of titanal stringers, the Fusion 105 Reload is made out of snappy poplar wood and stable beech wood. The tapered tip and tail, combined with the progressive freeride rocker profile in the tip and tail, creates great floatation in soft snow but also a great edge grip in hard-packed conditions.

If you are looking for a more versatile and playful freeride ski, Fusion 105 could be a good alternative. If the priority is performance and edge grip, but you are looking more into the all-mountain segment, Project 100 could be an alternative.

Graphical design: Örjan Vatnaland


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