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Frontier 80

7499 kr 5249 kr

A wide piste ski within the Frontside segment, developed for skiers who want playful piste skis for the entire season with fantastic performance. The skis are characterized by a superb edge grip and are optimized for all type of piste conditions, whether it is icy pre-season or spring snow slopes.

Our piste skis are a little bit wider because a slope is rarely smooth and hard from morning to evening. This width creates floatation and makes them very easy to manoeuvre in soft snow, yet the edge grip is incredible on hardpack. The construction is very similar to race skis with double layers of titanal and race rubber-dampening membranes, but the geometry is made for everyday piste skiing. This allows you to choose whether you want to dig trenches in full speed, or if you want to slow down and cruise down the steeper parts.

Frontier 80 is perfect if you want shorter radius and a ski that is very quick from edge to edge. If you prefer longer radius and want to ski with more speed, we would recommend the Frontier 85.

Design Örjan Vatnaland

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168 cm / 175 cm / 182 cm


125 / 126 / 127 mm


80 mm


108 / 109 / 110 mm


14 / 15 / 16 m


1670 g / 1790 g / 1900 g

Factory edge

88/1 degrees

Boot center

True center -95 mm @ 182 cm

Length recommendation

Body length or shorter

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