• Premium Performance Skis

  • Handmade in Åre – Sweden

New factory

For many years we have thought of expanding our ski factory. To create Åre Skidfabrik 2.0. But as with everything else in life, you need to yearn for it to really appreciate it. After five years of dreaming, three years of planning and one year of construction, we are there.

350 extra square meters for better production efficiency and higher production capacity. Brand new ventilation system that recycle the 120-degree heat from our ski presses and alone heat up our factory when we produce skis. 1000 meter of drilled energy holes for geothermal heating that heats the factory when we are off work. Swiss made and state-of-the-art Montana Magic II grinding robot for even better grinding and edge results. American made Eastman Eagle cutting table for precise die cuts. We could not be better prepared for the future.

Below is a selection of photos from the process. More information about this expansion will follow soon.