• Premium Performance Skis

  • Handmade in Åre – Sweden

Speed of the Gazelle

Åre Skidfabrik is moving fast and has been selected as a DI Gasell. Dagens Industri (DI) is the largest business magazine in Scandinavia and appoints the fastest growing companies in Sweden as Gazelle companies. Less than 1% of Sweden’s limited companies (aktiebolag) meet the requirements to be called Gazelle companies.

For a company to be able to qualify for the Gazelle Competition this year, sales must have doubled during the period 2016-2019. The overall operating profit also have to be positive during the same period of time. Our DI Gasell appointment has been made possible by the continuous growth of Extrem Skis, and the other fantastic ski brands we also produce skis for at Åre Skidfabrik.

Entrepreneurs of the year 2020

We are proud to have been awarded ”Årets Företagare i Jämtland-Härjedalen 2020″ // ”Entrepreneurs of the year in Jämtland-Härjedalen 2020” by the Swedish organization Företagarna. This makes Åre Skidfabrik one of twentyone Swedish finalists in the national final that will take place in 2021. The motivation for Åre Skidfabrik is following:

“The inventors’ workshop that started in the parents’ garage in Östersund 40 years ago is today Scandinavia’s only alpine ski factory with one of the most modern ski production lines in Europe. The founders Stefan Cederberg and Patrik Söderlund continue to work tirelessly, now with Carl Geijer by their side. With the new expansion of the factory, together with investments in a new machine park, the three entrepreneurs clearly show that ski manufacturing in Åre will continue for a long time to come. The strive to make as climate-smart ski production as possible, and the initiative to involve potential customers in the development process, are two examples of the passion that sprouted in the parents’ garage as well as in today’s modern factory.”

Dedicated Craftsmanship

At the base of Åreskutan is Åre Skidfabrik. Surrounded by the beautiful Scandinavian nature it is important for us to  care of our environment. We’re happy to produce our skis with 100 % renewable energy from local Hydro Power Stations supplied by Jämtkraft.

Our fellow ski builders are all passionate skiers and together we’ve developed and tested prototypes to make sure our skis will handle the demanding Scandinavian snow conditions. We believe this is two of the main reasons our factory and the skis we produce has been so successful and price winning throughout the years.