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Mothertree going to the alps


When Mothertree ambassador Klara Wåhlberg, 22, and her good friend Amanda Karestrand, 25, found themselves having to decide on where to go next, Engelberg was the most intriguing choice.  – A nostalgic destination since Amanda had spent a whole season exploring those mountains before. With a flight to japan on their conscience, they decided that taking the train would be the least they could do in order to spare the environment.

“It was mostly our environmental consciousness that convinced us to take the train. Also, it felt like a fun adventure since you get to see so many cool places on the way.”

How was your train travels?

We experienced both everything going as planned and everything not going as we’d hoped for. As we made our way down to Engelberg we stumbled upon delay after delay. But in Copenhagen we got compensated with hotel and dinner which wasn’t all that bad. Miraculously we finally made it to Engelberg on the same day as we had planned. Maybe a couple of hours later than expected from the start but right in time for a beer and a visit at the local nightclub. The trip back home on the other hand was only smooth sailing. No delayed trains, breakfast in bed. In peace I could edit all the photos from our stay as Amanda could study for an upcoming test.

How was your stay?

Fantastic! Engelberg offered us a big snowfall and nothing but sunny days. I haven’t skied snow that good since I was in Japan last year. Tons of snow, bluebird skies, great skiing and wonderful touring made this trip amazing. We also met some friends from Riksgränsen who’s there for the season. What more could we ask for? We stayed one week in Engelberg but we wanted more. Unfortunately, Switzerland is expensive and when we were considering staying a couple of weeks more our piggybank and studies gave an resounding NOPE! Although, one thing is certain, we’ll be back in this paradise sooner than later. Looking back at it, our timing was perfect and we had the most epic days ever during our stay in Engelberg so I can say that we both were satisfied with this trip, for sure.

Will you proceed travelling by train in the future?

Absolutely! Even after considering the many delayed trains on our way down. I think travelling by train is very flexible. Especially when traveling with Interrail. They allow you to more or less get onto any train and go wherever you want to go. If your main destination doesn’t meet your expectations, just hop back on the Interrail and go someplace else. On top of that, the phenomenon Special luggage or oversized luggage is non existing in the world of train travelling.

You get to see more of the world around you when travelling by train. You’re able to work/study or practically anything you want to do as you move closer to your destination. It is a comfortable way to save the planet while exploring it at the same time. A lifestyle where you take the plane to go skiing is not sustainable if we want cold and snowy winters in the future. We hope to inspire others to do what we do, take the train to your next ski trip.

Klara is ambassador for the Mothertree skis that we developed together with the community InspireUs. She and Amanda inspired us and we hope they inspire you as well.