• Premium Performance Skis

  • Handmade in Åre – Sweden

Custom made


Price and delivery time

Since we build the skis uniquely for you, the production cost is higher compared to serial produced Extrem Skis.

1. The standard additional cost (in addition to the recommended price on this website) for a uniquely designed pair of skis is 2000 SEK.

2. If you need our help to design your skis in Adobe Illustrator, there will be another additional cost of 1000 SEK.

Are you interested in larger quantities than one pair of skis – please give us a call or send us an e-mail for a unique offer.

Due to our general production planning, we do not have any fixed delivery time for uniquely designed skis, but it normally takes between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the season.

If you wish to make and order, or if you have any questions regarding the design process, please contact us at: info[at]areskidfabrik.se // +46-647-32204 (factory) // +46-70-6276033 (Stefan Cederberg direct)

Åre Skidfabrik AB
Såå 402
837 97 Åre, SWEDEN
+46 647-322 04
info [ at ] areskidfabrik.se

About Extrem Skis

We develop and build premium performance skis in our own high-tech factory in Åre, Sweden, and have done so since 1981.